Steve Jorgenson - Pottery and Sculpture
“I enjoy the rhythms of the production cycle of making pottery, the repetition of the thrown forms, always striving for that perfect shape or curve, trimming and drawing designs on pots, followed by glazing, firing and anticipating what surprises will appear when the kiln is unloaded. In these endlessly repeated cycles one is always learning, changing and growing creatively.“Creating sculptural objects has been part of my life since I was young. Growing up in a family involved in the construction business and surrounded by woodworking tools and unlimited materials, I absorbed my carpentry skills from my father and was using all the major tools to construct all sorts of 3-dimensional objects from very early on.
“Now sculptures evolve in a studio filled with random cluttered piles of materials, picture frame relief sculptures or free standing pieces. Most materials are regularly scavenged from friends, frame shops, my family's firewood piles and cabinet shop remnant materials. Each sculpture begins it's growth and development from some random stimulating wood shape or handmade tile. Each piece remains unique due to a continually changing inventory of materials.
“Inspiration for my sculptures has always come from either the human form, or massive landscape shapes and the ways in which these forms interact and connect. Playing with these shapes and forms has always been meaningful for me.
“I always take great pleasure in creating beautiful objects from such basic materials as clay and wood, and it is always rewarding to see these objects go out into the world to enhance lives.”